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Q. Will the cap fit my hair?

A. Your full lace will come standard with a medium cap, if you need a larger cap size you would have to call into the store after your order is placed, give the order number and we would have to customize your full lace which will take 2 weeks before we can ship off to you.

Q. How long does a full lace unit last?

A. Your full lace unit can last up to 6 months with care

Q. ​When will my order be shipped?

A. We ship all orders out 2 business days after we've received confirmation of payment, if your order is placed on the weekend or holiday your order will be processed the following business day that we're open which will fall on tuesday.

​Q. Can i part my full lace unit any way that i want?

A. Yes, the full lace unit allows you to part your hair any way that you see fit for, it's versatile just as your natural hair.​

​Q. Do you set appointments or walk ins?

​A. We take walk ins only, there are no appointments. But no worries, as long as you come during our regular business hours which we take clients from 9am-3pm, Tuesday-Saturday your guaranteed to be seen. We all know the earlier you come the faster you leave so you decide when you will leave out, we can't give you a time frame simply because we dont know how many clients will show up and where you will be once you sign in.

​Q. Can i reapply my lace wig or frontal?

A. Yes, you can reuse either one they just need to be cared for (washed and conditioned professionally)

Q. Will the glue pull out my edges?

A. If taking your unit off please return to a professional stylist or back to the salon, you risk damaging your edges by removing yourself allowing the glue to get in your natural hair, and in no way we can reverse this or assist if you damage your hair.

​Q. Can the wig be applied without glue?

​A. Yes, but it will not give you the same realistic look that the adhesive application will. So due to our vision into providing our clients with the highest level of satisfaction and realistic look we only use the adhesive method at the moment.

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